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Which result will you get? Earning Potential Audit • Overdoing It • Leading from your Core • Going Public • Undoing Internalized Oppression. (Your quiz results provide proven tips and tools!)

Private and public sector leaders like you rely on my custom career consulting and leadership development to launch your coming phase of achievements…

“All oppressions, including sexism, are totally illogical, they present us with these small false versions of what’s available to us as adults. It’s on us to name that, notice the messages, and begin to forge new ways of being.

– Laura Close | Founder

Your Direct Next Level Up:

Move out of your power plateau with techniques from tech start up culture fused with the wisdom of undoing internalized oppression. I teach the tools you need to design the bridge into your Direct Next Level Up. Make great choices, get big outcomes.


Saturn Return Group:

There are so few rituals and rites of passage left, the Saturn Return Group is for ages 27-31 to build community and honor the significance of entering your thirties.


Customized Consultation:

Direct assessment and strategy for personal and professional breakthroughs. Tools from tech start up culture fused with a private structural power analysis, applied to your project area.


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