Laura Close

Laura Close

Leadership Development, Career & Business Consulting


I founded this private practice just for you --public and private sector rising leaders and national figures who’ve reached a power plateau. I coach professionals and entrepreneurs on the move, supplying tools from tech start-up culture fused with the wisdom of undoing structural oppression theory.

Because your leadership matters, I source strategies from multiple locations.

You don’t have to sacrifice your values or best thinking to take on your big leadership role. You can say goodbye to unfulfilling work environments and stop making excuses for the situations that don’t support your leadership.

Clients like you seek me out when it happens that you feel stuck or confused about the high value of your skills or concept. We identify the right way to focus your vision for change and inhabit your authority area for big results.

Private and public sector leaders rely on my unique blend of tech start-up frameworks and undoing internalized oppression theory to get real results. While hard skills and tactics can generate momentum --without personal insights and growth, the project can weaken and grind to a halt. We do both and you get success (as you define it)!

My life’s work is understanding and interrupting systems of oppression. I’ve spoken to thousands of white folks about unlearning racism, supported hundreds of low wage workers in stepping out as leaders for change in their workplaces, consulted with scores of women about your relationship to power and led dozens of private and public organizations through customized “movement mindset” events.

Here’s what I know after almost two decades of supporting rising leaders as you each step into a higher level of achievement:

You don’t do it alone, it takes an infusion of expert level help.

In order to move in your direct next level up:

○ You'll have to get honest about your unique value.

○ We have to agree that your financial future & life satisfaction matter greatly

○ You'll have to be on a mission and let it show in every area of your life

Ready to get a look at what it takes? Let’s dive in!