First Generation Swagger

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Some of you already know I love working with immigrants. Fresh off the boat, first generation in the States, I’ll take it all.

I Like Your Odds

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For new clients there can be a fear that once I learn about your weak spot I’ll say: “Oh I see. Well in that case we’ll have to set really small goals for you.”

Change and the 4 Types of Fear during Upheaval

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On any given month one of the local behemoths –Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft has a director or manager in my office bracing for their ReOrg. Here are four common ways that stress among staff manifests in the work environment..

In Defense of Single Tasking

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Endless multitasking, I would suggest, is a behavior ultimately rooted in anxiety. It lands in the body at the same vibration as fear.

The Future of Work

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Work no longer requires you to serve one master employer, work no longer even requires you to be rigorously tested in every aspect of what you produce. Work now requires that you grow continuously as a person.

Scrappy Women

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With my scrappy, driven clients one part of our work together is assessing when to bring the fight (and how to begin with diplomacy) and when to opt out.

You are the Adult

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Women who found, lead in public, and gain real power risk backlash for daring to take on their full range of adult power.

That War is Over

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I was reluctant to make it public that I had left political organizing, even though after three months of crying on a couch in my living room it was pretty evident that this was the end.

Breaking The Service Addiction

Structural sexism teaches that women are most valued, most prized when we are serving others. In the absence of leadership development for girls and women, the drive to serve takes over.

No Such Thing as Perfectionism


Here’s the big idea: There’s no such thing as perfectionism. How can it be a character trait when almost every woman claims to have it?

Mom, an Aspect of the Patriarchy

Conversations about patriarchy

Mom is our first role model of adult woman. She is important because we learn sexism and patriarchy inside the family, where we have the least defenses.