Do you offer online sessions?

Yes –Clients who live outside of the Seattle area see me live, online via Google Hangouts or Skype. International and East Coast clients find value in our ability to be together across the miles!

Do you work with couples and business partners?

Yes! Partners and Couples –I see both business partners and romantic relationships who want to strengthen the relationship they share. Business partners experience increased efficiency, healthy boundaries and improved communication, and romantic couples experience breakthroughs in affection, communication and personal growth. Contact me directly at Laura@Lauraclose.com.

Can I bring you in to work with my team?

Yes! Since founding my private practice in leadership development, career & business consulting, I’ve partnered with: law firms, global corporations, tech start ups, governmental and non-profit organizations to deliver customized, content-rich, engaging events that target specific organizational needs with my signature “movement-mindset” framework.

What kind of results can I expect as your client?

In 2016/17 clients undertook these projects as a result of our work together:
• Career Coaching –frame your value, senior-level interview tactics, identify your best choice and get hired.
• Professional Uplevel –raises, promotions, company transfers
• Small Business Expansion –brick and mortar, new hires, increased revenue
• Launch Consulting Career –branding, niche, client acquisition and increased revenue
• Management Insights –leadership development and field experiments to increase your capacity to lead
• Increased Public Exposure –elevate and showcase your expert status
• App Launch –Lean, testing, capital acquisition, competitor research
• Creative Project –book, art, film, performance, band
• Partners and Couples –improved healthy boundaries, increased mutual respect, communication
• Organizational Health –team workshops, retreats, speeches and on site evaluations

What is Intersectional Feminism?

Intersectional Feminism is the understanding that each person has experienced strengths, privileges, struggles and oppression in varying configurations and in varying degrees of intensity. This framework allows us to honor your lived experience and recognize the relative impacts of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, race, immigration status and much more in your personal narratives.

Do you work with people who are male, transgender, or non binary?

I surely do, several of my clients have been men, trans, and non binary. Your authentic self is an asset when it comes to our leadership development work together. A million genders for a million people!