“Her behind the scenes work helped me to shine in my public life. Laura is a magician, she somehow always knows just the right questions to ask at the right time. She’s really like a warm hug, embodied.”

Global Health Corps

Jessica Mack
Senior Director for Advocacy & Communications

“There are unique challenges that we face as female founders during the start up phase. Having Laura on my team allowed me to navigate by my inner compass: staying true to my vision for success and leading from my strengths.”

Namastream Software

Jennifer Barcelos
Namastream Founder

“As an attorney, mother, policy director and law lecturer I needed a way to coalesce my expertise –Laura was the key to unlocking the launch of my consulting career. She was there to guide my transition ensuring the highest quality outcomes.”

E.S. McCann, LLC

Erin Shea McCann
Child Welfare & Youth Homelessness Policy Advisor

“Laura immediately saw how I could position myself for maximum advancement. Unbelievable support with actionable strategies, personal compassion and drive. My background is systems theory, gender & sexuality diversity and organizational development and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Megan Kennedy
M.A., LMHC, University of Washington

“Working with Laura has been incredible. Her framework is feminist and action oriented. It has really helped me name and organize what I have been struggling with professionally. Now I can see the ghosts of internalized sexism everywhere, and a lot of the time I can just laugh them out of the room. The career transition I made with her support was empowering to say the least. I absolutely recommend Laura to any woman who is looking to build some positive momentum.”

Natalie Dolci
Victim Advocate, Seattle Police Department

“She has an incredibly deep and broad knowledge base of internalized oppression and societal structures, and pulls from this as needed for each individual. She spends time making sure that we know that she is thinking about us and empathizing with us, even when we are not together.”

Dylan Wilder Quinn

Dylan Wilder Quinn
Founder, "Wildly Healed"

“During my time with Laura I was promoted and acquired my first consulting clients. Not bad.”

Rachael Tiow
Sales Development Manager, Software

“I founded my law firm so as a business owner I’m loyal to Laura’s expert advice. Everyone in my office gets access to her leadership development and I consult with her each time we grow.”

Hawkins Law Group PLLC

Elizabeth Hawkins
Founding Attorney

“I give my team of direct reports 100%, Laura was the one to identify strategies and a mentor for me that accelerated my path to success.”

Lisa Esposito
Senior Accounts Manager

“My work with Laura helped me move to the next phase of my leadership, a bridge I’ve been struggling to build for the last two years. She offers a razor sharp analysis that threads vision with strategy. She brings clear cut tools to get to that next phase of visibility and success. Laura helped me understand where internalized sexism was working to keep me small and how breaking through it does more than help you–it’s about changing the world!”

Jardana Peacock

Jardana Peacock
Spiritual Leadership Consultant

“Laura supported me as a entrepreneur from the get go. She understands my passion for social justice and believes in my ability to be a leader in my field. She helps me identify the personal work I need to do in order to scale my business.”

Home Birth In Seattle

Emi Yamasaki McLaughlin
Owner, Journey Midwife Services and Seattle Birth Center

“Laura is one of the best people I’ve seen at her job. I’m around a lot of counselors and social workers and I’m a counselor as well. She is always pushing herself to learn more about what’s happening in terms of mindfulness or other movements in the counseling and coaching world…she’s just right on the edge of what’s happening.”

Rachel, MSW

“I participated in Laura’s first ever Saturn Return group and it was an awesome space to connect with other people in similar points in their lives. I connected with people and felt affirmed by Laura and the community she created.”

Planet Janet Art

Janet Nechama Miller
Resident Artist at Seattle Girls' School

“All oppressions including sexism are totally illogical, they present us with these small, false versions of what’s available to us as adults. It’s on us to name that, notice the message and begin to forge new ways of being.”

– Laura Close | Founder

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